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日期 : 12-11-20 16:04
Signed the long term contract of exclusive supply for propulsion system of electric cars with FULU
 作者 : VCTech
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On November 14th, VC Tech Co.,Ltd. and FULU, which is an electric car company in China, signed the long term
contract of exclusive supply for AC Motor & Inverter.

Our company supplied sample and pilot production goods to FULU and was praised for superior quality.
In result, our company will manufacture and supply 20,000 sets of AC motor & Inverter to FULU in 2013,
30,000 sets in 2014 and 50,000 sets in 2015.

Electric cars of FULU company drive the normal road in the whole region in China.
Therefore, our company recognize the importance of quality control and strive to develop the ablity to
control the quality of our products.
Furthermore, taking this opportunity, we will introduce our company brand in China market.

Thank you!